Nicola Mari

Planetary Geologist ● Volcanologist ● Cosmochemist

Bachelor's Degree Excursions

Excursions during my Bachelor's Degree in Geology
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  1. IntroExcursion: The Albenza mountain
  2. GeoExcursion: A walk in Val del Riso
  3. SnowExcursion: The Ventina Glacier
  4. GeoExcursion: On the Pirola Lake
  5. GeoExcursion: The mineralogical canyon
  6. MysteryExcursion: A strange day in Gola del Furlo
  7. GeoExcursion: Along the Candigliano River
  8. GeoExcursion: Giant's pots
  9. MarineExcursion: Adriatic Sea and shores
  10. MarineExcursion: Maldive Islands, a terrestrial paradise
  11. PaleoExcursion: Between two eras
  12. SkyExcursion: Flying on the Troposphere
  13. SpeleoExcursion: Crazyness on ancient railways
  14. GeoExcursion: Appennines, within faults and paleoearthquakes
  15. PaleoExcursion: Fragments of extraterrestrial iridium
  16. GeoExcursion: Bolsena, a volcano collapse
  17. GeoExcursion: Aeolian Islands, volcanological wonderfuls and shows
  18. GeoExcursion: Spain, along the Cordillera Betica
  19. GeoExcursion: The Schmidt's hammer
  20. MarineExcursion: The secrets of the Conero Coast
  21. SpeleoExcursion: Adventure into the Monti Rognosi mine
  22. GeoExcursion: Survey with crazy weather
  23. FinalExcursion: Iceland, the volcano of destiny