Nicola Mari

Planetary Geologist ● Volcanologist ● Cosmochemist

Postdoc Excursions

Excursions during my ALL Postdocs in Planetary Geosciences
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- - - POSTDOC 1 - - -
  1. IntroExcursion: Etna Volcano, a planetary analog
  2. GeoExcursion: Gajum Founts, erratic boulders and fountains
  3. GeoExcursion: Latvia Forests, fossil fishes and vortex
  4. GeoExcursion: Cyprus Island, searching for Mercury analog lavas in a paleo-ocean
  5. GeoExcursion: Transylvania, mud volcanoes as on the Moon
  6. GeoExcursion: Cote D'Azur, the rich side of the Mediterranean
  7. MysteryExcursion: Tisa Rock Labyrinth, orienteering among sandstone walls
  8. SpeleoExcursion: Dossena Mine, climbing among fluorescent minerals
  9. UrbanExcursion: Underground Istanbul, ancient cisterns
  10. DesertExcursion: Rub Al-Khali, riding the sands
  11. GeoExcursion: Oman, a journey into the Earth's mantle
  12. GeoExcursion: Switzerland, in the core of the Alps
  13. GeoExcursion: Finland, in an archipelago of a past war
  14. DesertExcursion: Jordan, ancient ruins and Martian deserts
  15. SnowExcursion: Chile and Argentina, climbing the Andes
  16. DesertExcursion: Desierto Florido, a dream-like silent realm
  17. FinalExcursion: Atacama Desert, highway to the stars